VAI makes fresh ice cream every day, delivering healthy, guilt-free flavours with a touch of indulgence. 

The result? Low fat, low calorie, low sugar – and highly delicious.

VAI ice cream is guided by six important principles: 

  • Best Taste VAI is determined to deliver the best ice cream taste in China. The flavours, the ingredients and the texture all have to hit the high standards of Italian master chef Pietro Monti. 
  • Minimum Sugar We use only natural sugars or juice concentrates and in very small quantities, to ensure the ice cream is light and healthy but the taste remains perfect.
  • Low Calorie Delivering a guilt-free ice cream with an indulgent taste is our goal, so we keep calories low by using high-quality ingredients and authentic gelato-making processes.
  • Natural Ingredients Nature has the best track-record of delivering great taste from healthy ingredients. All our ingredients are derived from natural sources. 
  • Low Fat VAI ice creams and sorbets are low in fat, making them a healthier option than American equivalents while retaining a delicious flavour.
  • High protein Protein adds to flavour, body and satisfaction, so we enhance the natural protein levels in our recipes where possible. Come and try a healthy, low-fat VAI ice cream full of flavour!