Why choose VAI


  •       High Quality & All-Natural Ingredients/Healthy products

VAI creates premium quality products, made with the best natural ingredients, free of chemicals and preservatives.

  •       An Authentic “ Savoir-Faire “

Passion, creativity and savoir-faire are the main qualities of our brand.

  •       Personalized Service

Our artisans work closely with customers to meet their needs. We can create personalized flavours, delivery methods and packaging according to your requirements.

  •       Extensive product line

VAI makes over 30 delicious flavours of ice cream. From the indulgence of dark chocolate and the refreshing fruitiness of strawberry sorbet to a special collection featuring black sesame and green tea, VAI has a flavour to satisfy every tastebud.

  •       Innovation

VAI makes sugar-free, vegan ice cream and yogurt-based ice cream as well as the classic Italian style, and can make other products on demand.

VAI ice cream is sold to high-end businesses across China, including airlines, supermarkets, hotel chains and restaurants. Our customers include Air China/Scandinavian airline/French Embassy/Italian Embassy/Hilton hotel /Bulgari hotel/Skylight hotel/Four Seasons hotel/Flo French restaurant/Disneyland