VAI Milano is a premium Italian ice cream producer, retailer and distributor.


Founded in 2013, VAI has grown from a single store in Beijing to be the leading independent ice cream brand in


VAI’s Italian master chef oversees the creation of classic flavours and modern twists for the Chinese market from our

cutting-edge kitchens in Beijing.

The freshly-made ice cream is sold in VAI locations across China and online, as well as to airlines, hotels,

supermarkets and other businesses.      


Our mission

VAI is dedicated to making the best ice cream in China — and bringing people together to

enjoy the great taste and refreshing flavours in beautifully-designed locations across the


We want to put a smile on the faces of our customers, young and old, with the joy only

high-quality Italian ice cream can deliver.

VAI believes that by working together with our customers, our

young and passionate team can deliver the ultimate ice cream tastes and experiences.



Our ice cream

VAI’s Italian master chef makes over 30 delicious flavours of ice cream, working every day with the freshest

ingredients to deliver the best tastes and textures in China.

From the indulgence of dark chocolate and the refreshing fruitiness of strawberry

sorbet to a special collection featuring black sesame and green tea, VAI has a flavour to satisfy every tastebud.

VAI’s ice creams and sorbets are made with recipes and techniques that have been handed down through

generations — with some modern twists thrown in. And Italian ice cream is not only full of flavour, it is also a

healthier choice: it has less sugar, fat and calories.



Our team

VAI employs talents from around the world, mixing the vibrant skills

and dedication of Chinese locals with international ice cream artisans.

Together our team has the experience, passion and knowledge to deliver the ultimate ice

cream experience to our customers.

If you love our mission — and our ice cream — and want to be part of the VAI team, email

info@vai-milano.com to find out about the latest job and partner opportunities.