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About VAI Milano


At Vai, our aim is to bring fresh, delicious and healthy Italian gelato to the people of the world.  

Milan is the epicentre of European class and style. The Milanese, more than anyone else, know how to enjoy life, have fun and look beautiful whilst doing it. Italy’s signature ice cream, gelato, exemplifies this idea—as does cioccolata calda, the Italian version of hot chocolate. Fresh, natural, nutritious and healthy, gelato and cioccolata epitomise a quintessentially Italian “arte di vivere” (art of living).


More Than Just A Brand, VAI is a Concept

We want you to feel that, if you closed your eyes, you could be in Milan. VAI Milano encapsulates the distinctive lifestyle and effortless elegance of Milanese fashionistas, as well as the relaxed charm of those who live la dolce vita.
Our concept, venues, and products, are united in one aim: to bring you the dynamic energy of Europe’s most stylish city, where the next trend is always just around the corner. 



Quality Guarantee

We source only the best natural ingredients.

Our milk is imported from Italy and therefore our gelato keeps its creamy, satisfying and dense texture but has significantly less fat and fewer calories than most commercial brands of ice cream. Of course, in addition to being free of any chemicals, artificial preservatives or colourings.

Our cioccolata calda is the classic Italian hot chocolate: dark, dense and thick, it is made to be spooned rather than drunk. As small as an espresso coffee, it provides an intense, heady flavour and all the sensual richness of full-bodied cacao


Our Chef

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VAI’s resident Italian Master-gelataio, Pietro Monti, boasts decades of experience in artisanal gelato-making. He comes from a family of award-winning gelatai going back three generations. We produce our core products in our centralised laboratory and deliver them to each of our stores. In this way, our clients know that what they are getting is safe, fresh and of the highest quality.

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